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The End of Summer

The last of our tomatoes, my squished toes, and some happy flip-flops.




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So I really miss Ici, and I have been craving yummy ice cream.  Then I found this on one of my favorite sites.

Try it!  It really works!

I like it with walnuts, but the peanut butter & honey idea sounds wonderful too.

My ice cream maker arrived, and I am really excited.  I am so thankful for weekends.

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My parents love ice cream.  No vacation is complete without at least one ice cream cone a day.  I remember enjoying three health servings of ice cream in the space of one day.  No joke.  Our family’s favorite brand is Breyer’s, but we also keep our freezer fully loaded with Drumsticks, the classic vanilla ice cream cone covered with chocolate and sprinkled with peanuts.

I decided to make my own.

The concept is pretty simple: melt chocolate, coat bottom of cone, fill cone with ice cream, coat ice cream in melted chocolate, dip product in chopped nuts, freeze and eat.  Unfortunately I came across a few bumps.  Breyer’s does not harden (which probably has a lot to do with the grand total of 10 minutes I gave the ice cream to freeze), and I had problems melting my chocolate.  The result was a very thick chocolate coating and an ice cream “bulb” that fell off the cone.  Nonetheless it was much better than the store-bought version, and I would definitely do it again.  I was unable to fully line the inside of the cone with chocolate, but I actually liked how the cone began to soften because of the wet ice cream.

I used Breyer’s Natural Vanilla ice cream, Ghiardhelli bittersweet chocolate chips and toasted almonds.



Upcoming projects: some type of plum cake for my dad’s birthday, romesco sauce (tomatoes and almonds are an intriguing combination, whole wheat bread (probably this recipe from King Arthur) and pizza.

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